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The Autumn Collection
Tuesday 25th October 2010 by Chris

AS the temperature drop and the nights close in, our much anticipated Autumn and Winter Collection made it's debut appearance this weekend in your local The Americano with the launch of Pumpkin Spice Latte and Toasted Marshmallow Hot Chocolate.

Available for a limited period only, sample our exclusive drinks before they dissapear. Also, watch out for more festive feasts and heart-warming drinks over the forthcoming weeks.

Tweeting over Coffee
Tuesday 20th July 2010 by Chris

WE are excited to announce that The Americano Coffee House is now a part of Twitter, making it easier to keep up-to-date.

Follow us for instant updates, special events and exclusive offers - live at your fingertips.

Also get involved by tweeting us with you opinions, ideas and reviews.

Coffee House is a Fresh Aroma
Tuesday 15th June 2010 by The Evening Herald, Plymouth

THE first of what is planned to become an international chain of coffee houses has opened in Plymouth.

The Americano has opened its first store in Cornwall Street and more are planned worldwide including in London, Bristol, Bulgaria and the Middle East.

The coffee house is in the former HFC Bank building underneath the Methodist Church.

The outlet's duty manager Susan Cann and the Rev Paul Smith, from the Methodist Church, officially opened the cafe by cutting a red ribbon. Ms Cann said: "We've worked really hard behind the scenes over the past few months to create something truly unique and to hopefully revive local trade in the area."

Christopher Wilcock, the Americano's marketing director and designer, said: "From the outset we have been committed to improving the aesthetics of Plymouth high street, and worked in hand to support local tradesmen and businesses.

"We have received a positive welcome and the feedback has been outstanding".

he Americano is promising 'a relaxing South American-infused atmosphere'.

Plymouth Store - NOW OPEN
Monday 5th June 2010 by Chris

CELEBRATIONS as the Plymouth Store opened their doors to an enthusiastic crowd this weekend.

The milk steamers hissed and the coffee ground, with cheers throughout the cafe as the cups chinked to the success of the store.

The store is open 7days a week from early morning, and open late evenings every Thursday.


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